Sofrilog provides you with the best in cold chain logistics!


With 42 frozen coldstores throughout France, Sofrilog has 1,400,000 m3 of space for frozen goods between -18 and -25° C. A secure web portal enables you to monitor your stock in real time for a fully managed and secure cold chain (full product and temperature traceability).

Order Picking

Our platforms are located in the barycentre on consumer zones minimising your distribution costs. Order picking methods are adapted to meet your needs (traditional, flash, vocal, etc.) and are subject to continuous improvement.

Packing services

Co-packing, calibration, sorting, bagging, labelling, etc Sofrilog’s delayed differentiation services, combined with the strategic location of our repacking facilities enable you to optimise costs and lead times.

Freezing / defrosting

With 25 warehouses equipped with freezer tunnels (1,200 tonnes/day), Sofrilog provides fully managed freezing/defrosting that ensures the strictest temperature monitoring.