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Who are we?

Specialist of cold logistics and transport

Specializing in temperature driven logistics and transport, Sofrilog is firmly established in France and is expanding internationally, in Morocco and in Europe.

Sofrilog is committed on a daily basis to delivering its customers, agri-food professionals, with an ambition for excellence.

Our history

SOFRINO and SOFRICA create the SOFRILOG network with the desire to become n ° 2 in the market

First development of SOFRILOG with the takeover of 3 locations in the Paris area (Marne, Rungis, Trappes)

Conquest of Rhône-Alpes / South-East with the takeover of 5 warehouses (POLE)

SOFRILOG launches into transport: Creation of SOFRILOG DISTRIBUTION (distribution in the Paris region) And acquisition of TRANSPORTS BATAILLE (road transport based in Caen)

SOFRILOG launches into fine distribution in Caen and Paris (OOFRAIS)

Reinforcement in the Paris region with 3 warehouses dedicated to distribution flows, in Orly

“We are SOFRILOG”: SOFRINO acquires SOFRICA. SOFRILOG is now a unique legal group

International opening with the creation of LMFL in Morocco

SOFRINO takes the name of SOFRILOG

Our locations

Our values


Maintain trust through a responsible organization

In terms of food safety, quality and traceability are crucial issues. Our teams are committed to respecting them on a daily basis. Sustainable development is in our DNA, with modern warehouses and ever greener vehicles.

Close relationship

Moving forward together and sharing our successes

We believe in the success of the collective, through the accomplishment of our teams and the success of our clients. We favor agility, listening and proximity, to support you with personalized service.


Act with responsibility and skills

To create services at the service of your competitiveness, we develop the know-how and skills of our teams.
Our goal is to satisfy you on a daily basis with constant reliability and a high level of demand.

Entreprenarial spirit

Cultivating the spirit of conquest and accompanying you to new markets

We work with you to develop innovative solutions to meet your logistics challenges and increase the performance of your supply chain.
To push back your borders, we put at your service a door-to-door offer for your import-export flows.

Our customers